Thursday, April 10, 2014

Forbidden Mystery

 Poetics of Space

The Fralin Museum of Art
University of Virginia
Joseph Cornell and Surrealism
April 3 2014
I will not tell you who this might be. . .
taken with my I-Pad.
It is OK if he does this but not for me to do it, so I was told.

I wonder what Joseph Cornell would do?
I-Phones. . .Printers
3-D printers?
Google Earth?
Space Station photography of Earth?
Let's see he was on this planet until 1972. . .hmmmm
He would have enjoyed the tour from one of the curators, I am sure.
Small intimate interesting points of view
collectors of his work, you think?

Feathering my nest

Poetic Space my own. . .

So very much to contemplate wherein my mind is always spinning
stories to tell of the experience of my particular individual vision to finally by accident
I find some answers for my infernal questioning mind
it seems I am not alone.

Joseph Cornell has always been a favorite of mine not one to imitate but the wonder of his wonder of the experience of living a life, validating what is important in life. Like he, I live inside books, and ideas, and fill my vision with what I love to experience. It is OK to be a recluse one might say but it only appears this way from a distance, like he, I love to be out and about and enjoy listening to people. This blog could be a museum of sorts. Like Orhan Pamuk I too have created an interesting place to visit. I have read his books and visit Istanbul in my mind with the landscapes he shares. I visit Paris. I visit Paris, really and figuratively. I visit many places some are real and some invented, some from books.
Richard Kehl is another person I enjoy. His mastery of the technique opened many doors to rooms I explore.

Did I tell you of the nest I found in a bush in my back yard in the Bay Area where I once lived which had torn pieces of computer printouts, you know the kind that had holes that fit upon the little metal posts which guided the paper through the printer? I tried to find that the other day and it is lost, I guess, but not in my minds eye. Feathering a nest with computer paper tear offs, now that was something to see.