Monday, April 7, 2014

One Of My Dirty Little Secrets

I wonder how I wonder. I wonder how many participants mailed in their Sketchbooks? Many I am sure. I have sent in my money and received many little Moleskin booklets marked with my choice of topics and a code bar.
I might be the only person who thought, how clever, how clever, these are very clever people, you know? The people who came up with the idea of making artists and writers WANT to send their little works of art to travel around the country, is it hat they want to share? Is it that it is just the intrigue of what happens?
I have all of mine. I keep them. I laugh at myself. This is what I do.
Also, It is funny when you try to write and then the computer eats your words. above I want the word that and this computer eats the t  to make it hat. I think it wants a hat.