Friday, April 25, 2014


Temporary Art

is seen only in the present moment
if there is no past
nor a future

Art a commodity?

Poetry of space in a room
where one is 
should be
If you are dying
which everything is
is poetry
of your

Friday, April 11, 2014

Beauty The Idea of It

"When we are relieved of the burden of sharing our dreams with others and convincing others of their worth, artistic and literary creativity sublimes into a state of euphoria."
Page 22 Orhan Pamuk The Innocence of Objects

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Forbidden Mystery

 Poetics of Space

The Fralin Museum of Art
University of Virginia
Joseph Cornell and Surrealism
April 3 2014
I will not tell you who this might be. . .
taken with my I-Pad.
It is OK if he does this but not for me to do it, so I was told.

I wonder what Joseph Cornell would do?
I-Phones. . .Printers
3-D printers?
Google Earth?
Space Station photography of Earth?
Let's see he was on this planet until 1972. . .hmmmm
He would have enjoyed the tour from one of the curators, I am sure.
Small intimate interesting points of view
collectors of his work, you think?

Feathering my nest

Poetic Space my own. . .

So very much to contemplate wherein my mind is always spinning
stories to tell of the experience of my particular individual vision to finally by accident
I find some answers for my infernal questioning mind
it seems I am not alone.

Joseph Cornell has always been a favorite of mine not one to imitate but the wonder of his wonder of the experience of living a life, validating what is important in life. Like he, I live inside books, and ideas, and fill my vision with what I love to experience. It is OK to be a recluse one might say but it only appears this way from a distance, like he, I love to be out and about and enjoy listening to people. This blog could be a museum of sorts. Like Orhan Pamuk I too have created an interesting place to visit. I have read his books and visit Istanbul in my mind with the landscapes he shares. I visit Paris. I visit Paris, really and figuratively. I visit many places some are real and some invented, some from books.
Richard Kehl is another person I enjoy. His mastery of the technique opened many doors to rooms I explore.

Did I tell you of the nest I found in a bush in my back yard in the Bay Area where I once lived which had torn pieces of computer printouts, you know the kind that had holes that fit upon the little metal posts which guided the paper through the printer? I tried to find that the other day and it is lost, I guess, but not in my minds eye. Feathering a nest with computer paper tear offs, now that was something to see.

Monday, April 7, 2014

One Of My Dirty Little Secrets

I wonder how I wonder. I wonder how many participants mailed in their Sketchbooks? Many I am sure. I have sent in my money and received many little Moleskin booklets marked with my choice of topics and a code bar.
I might be the only person who thought, how clever, how clever, these are very clever people, you know? The people who came up with the idea of making artists and writers WANT to send their little works of art to travel around the country, is it hat they want to share? Is it that it is just the intrigue of what happens?
I have all of mine. I keep them. I laugh at myself. This is what I do.
Also, It is funny when you try to write and then the computer eats your words. above I want the word that and this computer eats the t  to make it hat. I think it wants a hat.

Joseph Cornell Photo Montage + I /A visit I made in more ways than one

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dyeing To Fold Things

That year I lost is coming back to me more and more
as I define what is do-able, reachable,worthy of spe
nt time.
Where I am heading is foggy, still.
I like foggy more than snowy.
This world I create, the persona I create, who gets in,
is as real as fiction.
It is illusion
my business
Am I more like the Wizard of OZ
or Dorothy? 
You are interesting.
What does this mean?
This is what it is like to live in the greatest time of change, ever.
This is me trying to cope with instant everything.
You are interesting in that you are reading this.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Per Chance

Images inform the direction I turn
I-Pad Photography
Is obsession

Mystery to me

What catches in the corner of my eye

One thing rolls into another
Yarn inspiration
Museum of Extraordinary Things

Soon to show

My friend Sara sent the gift of yarn to me two years ago and I can not bear to use it. . .

Monday, March 24, 2014

Flying Minimal

 Flying is a big topic right now and so is missing things. I am sure the families of that flight are full of those kind of thoughts like why did I not say this or why did I not say that or how long has it been since, or what could be done better than. . . living is a mystery and why or why not is a mystery and loving is the only real thing that matters. I think about the people who have to flee to safety when where they live suddenly is a danger zone. Sometimes our destiny is nothing but a mystery.
When I feel full of anxiety, I tell myself it really does not matter if I breathe and be still. One moment is as good as any moment when you have to be in only THIS moment. Of course, this is just one tiny thought, what do I know?

Friday, March 21, 2014


In the center
is a good place
Intersection is the place where one x meets another.

Under your feet is a good place to start.

It is astonishing. 

If you take a look around wherever you maybe planted

Have a weekend!

A sculpture I see when I drive down the street
ladders to be donated to Habitat for Humanity

Astonish Me

Monday, March 17, 2014

When You Have No Clue

Fifty Million years ago, I was making prints from colored porcelain clay onto print making paper and canvas with colored stains. I see two of these framed pieces on the wall in front of my bed every morning when I wake. I really really hate these pieces, the frames are very nice mahogany, though, and as far as I am concerned this is the best part. These images are of orchids blooming in a fantasy desert scene, which I am sure are stuck in my unconscious mind back somewhere where I do not want to go. The question the images provoke is how sometimes you know you know but you do not want to know. I always pick places where it seems impossible to thrive, I guess. I do not know about this for sure.
It is like the cave painting in Lascaux France which is in a cave in a place where it takes a lot of effort to find and more effort to view, well at least this used to be so. Someone did this for a very good reason. We make up stories from the evidence we see, but we do not know anything about this for sure. The mystery is to me what I enjoy thinking about or it is intriguing, anyways, as Ellen always says.
About 25 million years ago I visited a model home in a classy area near where I grew-up. When you walked into this beyond belief place the first thing visible is/was a painting about two stories high on canvas of a copy of the cave paintings I spoke of at the beginning of my thought, I will never forget that moment. It was astonishing to me. The mere size of this painting has floated inside my minds eye all of my adult life. It must be what it felt like when the first person rediscovered the original cave painting.
This is what I want in my life now.
I just read a post on Sweet pea's blog about something a curator of a show said about creating something astonishing which can not be ignored.
For the next fifty million years of my life I claim this as my goal. Even if it is only seen my little ole me.
Oh by the way, I am still making buttons that my friend Sarazmuz turned me onto trying. Really fun and addictive especially in white wool with bunny fur. Now I need to make a sweater for it to show off.
I like making.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Concept


What does a button have to do with art? Why would anyone want to make a button in 2014? This question is on my mind this morning, along with the topic of plastic brains, and kinetic sculpture. This reminds me of a time when it was being said that “art” is dead.

I think it is alive.

I think that living is art and for me, myself, art is a living state of mind. Everything is fodder waiting to be used in an artful way. For instance, a plastic toy which is in the form of a very pink plastic brain which when wound up by a human being: walks. Now, it takes energy to make it move, my energy or your energy. Imagine if you will, a parade, a kinetic sculpture parade, with hundreds of walking brains marching down the street. This would be a kinetic sculpture parade, right?

Imagine walking into a toy store to push every button on every toy cat to make it meow, all at the same time. Well, I do this often, just for the fun of it, but this is not a parade, right? Well, maybe it is if we put them in a wagon and someone pulls it while pushing all the buttons as they walk down the street.
These things still take energy. A wind maker is making energy but the wind in motion is making the energy. So it moves. But this is not a parade, either, unless someone marches down the street with turbines. I saw a forest of wind turbines every single time I would drive from Northern to Southern California. I think they are interesting and wonderful.

So, back to the button, it is not art. But it will make a sweater more beautiful. I choose to make things like folded photography with amazing folded lines dictated by the image. Is that art?

It is the concept, it is the idea, it is in the seeing of something that did not exist, before, to look at what is in front of my face, no matter where I am in space or time, this is the purpose, to create.

Oh yes, one more thing, I am so pleased to know that brains are plastic in that they can be changed by practice and creating new grooves in gray matter lighting up neurons that show up on a scan.